Often mistaken for another player, Sachin, she is a lazy ass who doesnt lvl and trains all the time, she's currently lvl 400 with top sword(155) and shield(140). She's part of a collective name: Cidekusamotefe and is currently hunted by her own guild for saying Adam Sandler is a fucktard. (hopefully subject to change).

Name MeaningEdit

In the kabbalistic angelology, Sachiel is an archangel of the cherubim. His names means The covering of God, he's associated with the planet Jupiter and is also associated with the weekday Thursday. He's the third angel in NGE.

Other Known NamesEdit

  • Sachie
  • Sachi bear
  • sacsac
  • sasa
  • euguene
  • S A C H I E L

Former/Current Guild MembershipEdit