Her name is often mistook as her being a stoner irl or that she is a language software learning program, but truthfully its based off a song title by the same name by a band named Tool. Her name can also be associated with the Rosetta Stone. Only a few people understood her name but of that few a lesser few had other alternate chars and in an attempt to be intelligent, pointed out her name meaning, these people, of course, are fucktards.  She likes to turn her idle while in bed and often makes funny-as-fuck typos which lead to many lulz that her guildmates use against her and if funny enough become a "coined" phrase. When over-aggressively made fun of though, she does not hesitate to cause her entire guild to Lose The Game, which leads to much profanity in CAPS.

Other known namesEdit

  • Whore
  • Dans Slut
  • Emo Slut
  • Bitchpants McCrabby

Rosetta Stoned's orientation.Edit


Coined phrasesEdit

  • Ima woman with dick
  • suck my 12in blx