Name Type Exp level Mana
Magic Rope (exani tera)Instant820
Conjure Backpack (adori bp)Instant1060
Levitate (exani hur "up/down)Instant1250
Find Person (exiva)Instant820
Light (utevo lux)Instant820
Light Healing (exura)Instant925
Summon Creature (utevo res "monster)Instant25varies
Undead Legion (exana mas mort)Instant30500
Antidote (exana pox)Instant1030
Antidote Fire (exana flam)Instant25200
Antidote Energy (exana vis)Instant25200
Antidote Drunk (exana dru)Instant25200
Intense Healing (exura gran)Instant1140
Energy Strike (exori vis)Instant1220
Terra Strike (exori tera)Instant1320
Great Light (utevo gran lux)Instant1360
Haste (utani hur)Instant1460
Food (exevo pan)Instant37900
Flame Strike (exori flam)Instant1420
Magic Shield (utamo vita)Instant1450
Ice Strike (exori frigo)Instant1520
Death Strike (exori mort)Instant1620
Fire Wave (exevo flam hur)Instant18250
Ice Wave (exevo frigo hur)Instant18250
Heal Friend (exura sio)Instant1870
Ultimate Healing (exura vita)Instant20160
Strong Haste (utani gran hur)Instant20100
Create Illusion (utevo res ina)Instant23200
Polymorph (adana morph)Instant40200
Summon Creature (utevo res)Instant250
Ultimate Light (utevo vis lux)Instant26140
Wild Growth (exevo grav vita)Instant27220
Invisible (utana vid)Instant35440
Mass Healing (exura gran mas res)Instant36150
Terra Wave (exevo tera hur)Instant38250
Eternal Doom (exevo gran frigo)Instant25360
Wrath of Nature (exevo gran mas tera)Instant55900
Eternal Winter (exevo gran mas frigo)Instant601200
Stone Shower (adevo mas pox)Rune28520
Thunderstorm (adori mas vis)Rune28430
Poison Wall (adevo mas grav pox)Rune29640
Icicle (adori frigo)Rune28460
Chameleon (adevo ina)Rune27600
Fire Bomb (adevo mas flam)Rune27600
Soulfire (adevo res flam)Rune27600
Stalagmite (adori tera)Rune24400
Ultimate Healing Rune (adura vita)Rune24400
Destroy Field (adito grav)Rune17120
Convince Creature (adeta sio)Rune16200
Antidote Rune (adana pox)Rune15200
Fire Field (adevo grav flam)Rune15240
Desintegrate (adito tera)Rune21200
Poison Bomb (adevo mas pox)Rune20520
Poison Field (adevo grav pox)Rune14200
Light Magic Missile (adori)Rune15120
Intense Healing Rune (adura gran)Rune15240
Energy Field (adevo grav vis)Rune18320
Heavy Magic Missile (adori vis)Rune25280
Fireball (adori flam)Rune27160
Great Fireball (adori vis flam)Rune30480
Avalanche (adori mas frigo)Rune30530
Explosion (adevo mas hur)Rune31720
Energy Wall (adevo mas grav vis)Rune411000
Paralyze (adana ani)Rune541400
Fire Wall (adevo mas grav flam)Rune32780

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