Carlin is a town ruled by women, although now all but deserted on account of the dangerous monsters under, and surrounding Carlin. Carlin is now an island separated from the rest of Kiwi and only accessible through the NPC Aladdin. This city has a 3-story Depot, a Graveyard to the east and small field surrounding the city itself.

The city has some monster infestation like Spiders, Slimes, Blood Crabs, and Tarantulas. The sewers are infested with Juggernauts, although in Old Kiwi they were hive for Kiwis. Currently the biggest house in Carlin is the Carlin Clan Hall 2.



Carlin SewersEdit

  • Juggernaut

Inner CityEdit

  • Blood Crab
  • Poison Spider
  • Slime
  • Spider
  • Tarantula

Surrounding fieldEdit

  • Bear
  • Black Sheep
  • Butterfly
  • Carrion Worm
  • Demon
  • Demondras
  • Dragon
  • Dragon Lord
  • Elf
  • Elf Arcanist
  • Elf Scout
  • Giant Spider
  • Ghoul
  • Mummy
  • Orc
  • Orc Berserker
  • Orc Leader
  • Orc Rider
  • Orc Shaman
  • Orc Spearman
  • Skeleton
  • Vampire

Underneath GraveyardEdit

  • Blue Djinn
  • Efreet
  • Elder Beholder
  • Larva
  • Mutant Crab